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I cannot believe I have been so tardy…wrong word…BUSY!!!!  While you have been wondering where I was…I re-proofed my  book, it really looked like a real book with a cover, etc.  The final proof comes in, in a week; this has to be the last proof!!!! Anyhoo, the ISBN has been assigned, the copyright, and I LOVE IT!  It will be available on, .ca and .co.UK, Barnes and Noble, Lulu, etc.  The title is Witness Stones and Reflections. My first book of Poetry and Sculpture.  I have already begun a second book and plan a book of simply poetry.  My intent is to make the first book available during the studio tour.  Come and I shall sign your copy!!!!

My stones are almost completely polished; they still have to be mounted but my bases are great…kudos to my metal designer, Cairn Cunnane.
The backyard is looking wonderful, my ‘dry’ riverbed is smashing (with the prerequisite bridge), the plantings are superb!  I wish the Peony fairy would assure me my peonies will open on the 12th, the delphiniums would blow me away with their height and color and my hydrangea heads would droop in all their glory.  The garden awaits my stones…and you!
The pedestals have been welded with re-bar, with just the right amount of rust, the poems, my CV and the business cards are ready to be printed and laminated (in case of rain)…now the down side is the deck is going to be started only tomorrow, it will not be completed by ‘showtime’ but no worries it does look great.  Perhaps we bit off more than we could chew, but such is life!  I prefer to live large, aim higher, I cannot change.

A lot of the Tour brochures have gone out, but that is ongoing!

This week the National Capital Network of Sculptors appointed me to the executive (I joined the NCNS 3 months ago) and I was given a show as the Featured Artist for the month of November at the Patrick John Mills Gallery; great week thus far, non?  At the moment I have a work in the same gallery.
In September I am participating in a show at St. Brigid and in the Spring, the Museum of Nature.  I love the busi-ness of life. 

Hopefully, I shall be pardoned for not blogging as much as promised but I promise I am not lazing about on a beach somewhere…though the temperature here, with the humidex, was 41 degrees Celsius yesterday! 

I am looking forward to seeing all of you here on the 12th and 13th of June for the Orleans Studio Tour!   I am studio number 8!


 This is a quick post-holiday memory I wanted to share.

I simply can’t be happy unless I am creating something and you are seeing spots!  

Two days of sun and surf and all I could see were rocks, possibilities…and you know me, Rocks Rock!!!  

In no time flat I was buying supplies!

Painting beach stones was ever so relaxing, I highly recommend the exercise.  Beach stones, a few paint brushes and some acrylic paints is all it takes…Then simply let your imagination soar!

Here is a picture of a few and I do mean a few, because I filled bowls with them!   

I hope your summer is as relaxing as mine!

A year spent planning and executing a show…,no, not really executing I wouldn’t do that…but, fostering creative ideas,  feeling them bubble to the surface in my wee brain, seeing my glass wall installation or my Stone sculpture (I know you noticed the capital ‘S’ in Stone)  come into being… and now here it is!  It’s show time!

Finally, I get to show you what’s been happening in my studio, all my new ideas, my new work.  I want to show you ART in NATURE, in my garden…it is so personal…AND…the bottom drops out of the barrel!!!  The weather becomes that complete bummer we think of as a nightmare!  RAIN the 1st day almost all day…and the temperature drops to what feels like ‘Zero’, the second day of the show!  What????

The temperature has been in the 30’s all week and today it is sooo cold I think it’s going to snow!!!  Really, are the gods laughing?  I feel sick…literally sick! No one is coming to my show!  Out go the umbrellas, a warm shawl…a patio heater…you name it!

I guess the weather was a test…my personal test!   I almost gave up on you coming, but, you didn’t give up on me!

Can you guess what happens next?  Guess? ?  The door opens, a half hour before the show begins and YOU were standing there!

You were there smiling, ‘really’ looking at my new work…buying…you cared enough to brave the cold, the rain, to show your support!!!!  Awesome!!!  You are an art lover’s friend.  I was not thrown to the wolves because of the cold (and wow was it cold!) or the rain. You did not forget me, and I will not forget you!

I hope you know, I noticed each and everyone of you…either the first or with sadness, the last person…I did!  There were people who were really late, because of other commitments,but, rang the bell and sweetly asked to come an hour and a half after closing.  Yup, I love you all for not letting the horrible weather, or other life events deter you from coming.  You are my support system, my listening post…TOTAL ART LOVERS!!! 

YOU ARE AWESOME!!! You are totally awesome…thank you!




Okay…this is a bit of a rant!  I have practiced my craft for more years than I actually care to admit, and yes, I am passionate about what I do, but, and this I say for the 1 millionth (is that a word?) time, it is my job….not my hobby!!!

What I do, Sculpture and Thermo-Fused Glass is Art, I contribute something that brings beauty, imagination and a touch of culture to you and whatever environment you show it in…home, office or out of doors. And yes, I am passionate about it…don’t you love your job???

Please do not denigrate what I do for a living with poorly chosen words, it hurts…the thing is,  I know you; I know and respect what you do for a living…just please,  do me the same courtesy.

I don’t know your job inside and out, but, neither do you know mine…let’s just ask each other questions about what and where we spend soon many hours each day…talk about what we are passionate about, just don’t say things without a care…that hurts!

Rant ended…I needed to get that off my chest.

Sculpture Vulture was the title of an article featuring me in a London, UK magazine, so I thought I may use today…kinda catchy don’t you think?

I said I would blog about my Stone Sculptures, and I do what I say, so here goes…

I believe Stone is our past, hurled to earth through the big bang, and that it will still be here when we are not…notice I capitalize Stone, it’s that important to me!

So, I also believe,  if you listen closely, it whispers it’s story.

Every stone I sculpt is millions and millions of years old, before I even touch it!  Now that’s pretty powerful as a thought…I can’t even count that high, it just boggles my mind!

I work completely intuitively.   I feel a tingling through the palms of my hands when it’s time to choose a stone… that tingling is energy!!!  I felt as a child, but, couldn’t put a name to it…I didn’t have the vocabulary!  To tell the truth,  sometimes I have made a decision to sculpt one stone because of its energy and boom another stone’s energy is soooo strong, it is impossible not to work it!  It’s a bit like kids talking over another, ‘no…me first!  No me first!   We always hear the loudest kid first…same here!  Pretty cool eh?

Stones are all different; we’re different from each other because  we have different life experiences…same for the stones!   For me it’s almost like someone, long ago, in another world stamped their history on them.  Whose to say that’s not true?   So my sculptures are all different.  Strange but true!

I don’t want you to think, because I feel all this that sculpting is fast…it is very long process,  extremely  physical and I am wacked at the end of a day, but, it’s the ‘it’ job for me!  

Now…I can’t lie, every once in a while I think…instead of Mr Lube coveralls I would love to go to work dressed up…but, that might do me in,  I’m not certain I can still wear heels!

‘Snow Shadows’ at the top of the page has a story.

It’s about untangling hurtful words from a sentence, separatinģ the good from the bad;

the hurtful words words are caught in the depths by ‘Snow Shadows’.  It has a poem too, just like the rest of my work.

I just finished another 4.5 foot sculpture yesterday…I will have to take a picture and tell you about it…This is just the beginning of my sculpture story…so stay tuned!





Running, running,running…time is going to catch up to this woman!  Actually, so be it!  Great!   I can’t wait for the Orléans  Art Studio Tour to begin…I want see my glass wall installation up across the side of the house…all together, not scattered over the dining room table, leaves extended…and too scrunched up to have the impact I want!!!  I don’t have a ton of space in my glass studio, so this is my reality.  I am still waiting for that big million dollar lottery win; can you see, my fingers and toes are crossed?

Art and all the succeeding thoughts like,  ‘how will I do that?” just appears with a smidge of an idea in an artist’s mind.  It is a fleeting thought that I learned I to write down before it was history…quickly!   There is nothing concrete in my case, no drawings…somehow it just appears, a new beginning that slowly takes shape… eventually I have a clear view in my mind’s eye, but, I have to tell you…the moment the exhibit goes up and the hanging is complete…WOW!  It is always wayyyy better!!!  That is why we are so happy when clients come to our shows…we see the same excitement and discovery in their eyes and we know this is what it was all about!

I remember one large commission, the measurements,  the thinking, the talking through an idea, kneeling on a hard floor to work out a detail…again, the dining room floor!  Then the magical moment when the set up was complete, it was finally in place at the client’s home…and instead of being that laissez faire artist…letting words slip…”ohhh that is soooo nice!” and the client saying  “Of course! You sound surprised!”

I never doubt my ability…but, to see an idea and a lot of work come together…that is totally the very best of days and what I will continue to live for!  Ahhhh life is good!

In case you are wondering my partner can get as stressed as I can, my ideas whizzing by him, praised and discarded as quickly as I can speak…and here I am only talking about my glass…remember I am a stone sculptor also. I do have a lot to say on that subject , but, as they say…That is a story for another day!

Sooo Stone Sculpture and Thermo-Fused Glass!!!

Hurry up Orléans  Art Studio Tour , I am pumped!!!

The Amber Hour

Calm or harried, depending on the day…an artist tries to make it to showtime without alienating family and friends


Wow!  I have been in a work-trance for over a month.  Friends have called trying to get together…”What you are‘still’ in the studio?”

Today is ‘D’ day=for delivery day! Pack, Crate and Courrier day!  Yeah!  I made it and I still have a husband and friends…regardless of the panic that set in from time to time, they still think I am ‘okay’!  Nice!

I seem to live large, aim higher and cannot change.  What differentiates  a successful work and a mediocre work?  Detail!

I am all about attention to detail…from beginning to end.  I really can’t let go of an idea I have…and I do think outside the box when problems arise…and arise they do!  Like a surprise power outage while the kiln is firing…that really sets your heart racing!   Or the supplier coming through, but, 3 weeks late!  Oh, and we can’t forget that ‘new small detail’ I added, that made assembly, a marathon run!!!  Frustration!!!

Anyhow…problems happen, you go with the flow!  I love my glass and would buy each one myself!  If you don’t see it…it was not up to my standard, quite simply!

My glass is bright and happy, it’s freedom and definitely not traditional!  I do what I love!  I have a vision and I live it. This work will endure…I know because I put it together!

I am a total nerd when it comes to ‘timely and done right’…Ah ha, I FORGOT TO SIGN MY NAME. See that checklist does come in handy!  AVC is what identifies my work,  my signature…besides my personal style…the initials are all mine!!!!

Life is a balancing act before show time, but, today I breathe and wish my ‘Happy Glass’ a place in your home.




I believed you could be active in a Studio tour and not alienate family…wrong!!!!  We all are feeling the pressure..

Thursday is the big day…I meet with the metal designer!!!! I spent last evening refining the designs on a few of my stones.  One changed totally; last-minute epiphany, wouldn’t your know?  Anyhow I am anxious.  A base is part of the sculpture, not just an addition…it speaks to the whole, therefore, it is very important!  The base must be a solid support but must reflect the proportions of the sculpture. I verify over and again each sculpture, they must really work, or they are not sold.  Put out one bad work and it is yours forever and a day…a reminder and an eyesore.  I show what I am proud of and would love to keep.
My new, very heavy, alabaster piece is still awaiting a final hands on.  I deliberated and decided to wait on a hole I wanted to go through the work.  The stone and I shall commune a bit longer.  At the last-minute it seemed superflous…meaning nothing in the grand scheme of things; it is important to recognize these things.  When does something become over the top?
Tonight is the National Capital Network of Sculptors meeting.  The opening at the  John Patrick Mills Gallery is fast approaching…pictures have been sent…moving forward slowly, but, moving!

We artists thrive on feedback…we work alone and if the feedback is only at ‘Showtime’, though good for future endeavours, cannot correct a problem at the moment, such as, critiquing a work.  You work so hard physically and emotionally that, at times, you do not step away to fine tune a detail.  A mistake;  that is the difference between a succesful work and a mediocre work.  You need the same expertise in choosing a gallery.   Clientele differs from gallery to gallery.

This week a gallery did not take my work…to sort it in my mind, I called.  The feedback was very productive.  Though my work was of excellent quality, it was not right for their gallery’s clientele.  I was then given another gallery’s name and specifically told to mention her name. A few minutes on the phone and I had a wealth of information.

Today is editing information for ‘The Book’, day.  Arduous!  I should be working but it is ‘my baby’!

The architectural metal designer, armed with my portfolio, is looking for someone to work with me on my new stones.  Sadly, he has retired but has contacts, all is not lost!

Tomorrow I shall be working on my piece of alabaster…she and I have had many conversations!  She has much to say and is as heavy as heck!  How to develop muscles????  I have to use a dolly that raises her up to bench level…no picking her up.